About Us

Roach-Reid Office Systems (RROS) was established in 1906 by J. Herbert Roach and Robert Reid, who were friends of Thomas Alva Edison.  RROS became the first distributor of Edison’s earliest dictation/transcription machines.  They sold the first pair of dictation machines ever to General Electric in Milan, Ohio.

Throughout the years RROS has been primarily as voice centric solutions company based in Ohio and serving Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. 

RROS has always strived to exceed our customers’ expectations in everything we do which has led to our longevity in this service business where customers are the focus.

Today, RROS markets and supports the following solutions:

Document Management

Dictation/ Transcription

Voice Recognition (Medical, Legal)

Interview Recording  

Court Recording

Computer Assisted Coding



 At Roach-Reid Office Systems we are constantly looking for the best solutions to help our partners achieve success.  Additionally, we will continue to provide our partners with quality support so that they always get the most out of their investments.