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Laserfiche’s built-in scanning interface connects directly to your scanner to process paper in any file format.  Laserfiche includes state-of-the-art image processing features to ensure that users have the best possible image resulting from their scanning.  Capabilities include auto-rotate,despeckle, deskew, and blank page deletion. Scanned documents can be reviewed for any quality issues, batch scanned and indexed.  Also, every scanned document can be full text searchable thru OCR with the capability of automatically placing documents into the right folders. Users may capture content from scanners, email, web forms, mobile devices, and desktop applications.  Additionally, the Laserfiche mobile app offers the capabilities from an OS device, Android, and Windows device of turning photos into documents, making all content captured full-text searchable and capturing fragile or odd sized text documents transforming them into digital, searchable files without purchasing a specialized scanner.

Lastly, Laserfiche can accelerate high volume capture by reclaiming time spent importing, processing, and indexing files thru:

  • automatically sorting and categorizing incoming documents
  • reducing manual scanning and indexing by capturing precise pieces of data from documents
  • capturing information from existing databases to simplify indexing
  • initiating document routing workflows

Document Management

Laserfiche’s desktop , web and mobile clients allow users to access and make changes to documents in the repository from any device.

All records are available for revisions and collaboration with all team members.  With Laserfiche’s full text search capability documents are very simple to access.  Additionally, version control is offered making collaboration even easier.

Laserfiche’s Web Access application comes included with an integration with Microsoft Sharepoint so that documents can be accessed through Sharepoint.

Document Management Capabilities: 

  • Enable accessibility to documents and folders through a Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)     2.0 compliant interface
  • Instantly generate searchable text on scanned and electronic documents using optical character recognition (OCR) and full-text indexing
  • Scroll through every document in the search results and view the context hits directly in the document
  • Stream media files without needing to download them first
  • Add custom action menu buttons across the entire installation
  • Import documents by scanning, dragging and dropping them from a Windows drive, or download them from cloud-based services such as OneDrive and Google Drive
  • Create custom import profiles to add a particular template, route new documents to the appropriate     folder and name them according to a standardized naming convention


 Forms are a major component in every organization. Organizations receive forms in various formats which creates problems in terms of cost and in terms of accessibility.

Laserfiche can enable organizations to create electronic forms in minutes!  It allows for the replacement of paper forms with easy to design web forms that can be published on intranets or public web sites.

  • Create and publish e-forms with an intuitive forms management systems that requires no coding or scripting.
  • Easily create attractive forms with editable fonts, colors, images, and layout options.
  • Drag and drop a wide variety of fields, check boxes, and radio buttons onto your from to collect the exact information you need, in the precise format you require.
  • Change the look and feel of a form or add and delete questions from it at any time, without requiring programming assistance.
  • Automatically pull data from primary applications to populate forms, reducing need to rekey or manually validate information.


Laserfiche allows one to integrate your content with ERP, CRM, SIS, GIS, and many other applications with one click using Laserfiche Connector.  Organizations can also utilize hundreds of pre-built integrations to Laserfiche with core business applications.

 Integration capabilities include:

  • Use of Laserfiche Connector, a wizard driven tool, to integrate line-of-business applications with Laserfiche without programming.
  • Access and search documents, launch scanning, populate document metadata and perform other routine tasks directly within third party systems.
  • Integrating easily through user defined hotkeys and embedded icons.
  • Create searching and scanning profiles that end users can individually customize.
  • Retrieve information from any integrated application or send it into Laserfiche with a single click.
  • Save word documents, emails, and PowerPoint slides into Laserfiche directly from Microsoft Office applications.

Security/Records Management:

Laserfiche offers a records management module which includes a Department of Defense 5015.2 records management certification that is the most stringent in the industry. All records management policies are enforced across all devices in Laserfiche including: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. In addition to the DOD 5015.2 certification Laserfiche is in compliance with Sarbanes Oxley, HIPPA, USA Patriot Act, SEC, FINRA, VERS, and other regulations which makes it a premier offering in terms of security and compliance.

Also, the records management module allows for the viewing of record timelines, the modifying of properties of records, record folders, and record series along with the ability to perform record actions such as cutoff or final disposition, all from a single location. The module even allows for automatically classifying and applying disposition schedules and other retention policies using meta data and other information on incoming records.

Further capabilities include:

  • Manage access rights to enable secure document management
  • Zero out functionality
  • Protect information from unauthorized access
  • Automatically apply digital signatures
  • Integration with SharePoint
  • Ability to Redact confidential information
  • Automatically detect if changes are made to files outside of the Laserfiche environment
  • Notify users of documents containing data loss or corruption using volume checksums

Workflow-Business Process Management:

Laserfiche Workflow is a flexible easy-to-use framework for automating and optimizing business processes organization-wide.   A key component of the Laserfiche platform, Workflow enables you to automatically route documents, spread sheets, emails, and various other types of content among staff members.  Because staff have instant access to the information they need, they work more efficiently, complete projects more quickly, and make more informed decisions.  These productivity gains rapidly translate into lower overhead costs, more responsive customer service and a stronger competitive edge.

Integrate your content with your Business Processes:

    • Simplify complete processes.
    • Design workflow rules easily.
    • Minimize IT support.
    • Realize rapid ROI.