In Law firms especially, it is nearly necessary to implement technology concentrating on the time management and efficiency of every attorney. Roach-Reid Office Systems is here to offer you a solution for keeping up with the competition and setting the bar higher amongst competitive demands with an upper hand on productivity. With the advancements in digital dictation, many legal environments are quickly adapting to the change by embracing the new technology. The technology allows the user to easily dictate thoughts and information right into a file accessible anytime, anywhere. This allows maximum productivity and accessibility.


Speech Recognition Integration:

Roach Reid Office Systems has offered an integrated combination of using digital dictation with speech recognition. We can provide a completely integrated solution for lawyers who embrace the use of speech recognition.

Efficiency is our specialty. Attorney’s essential communication skills can be captured with a few clicks of a button. While amplifying production, we offer a user-friendly template for all your dictation needs.

Digital technology allows the Attorney capability to record lengthy meetings and depositions, easily attach voice files to email, attach documents to dictation files sent for transcription, and integrate with client/matter information from document management systems. Thoughts are now captured within the network and accessible whenever and wherever needed.


Dual Collaboration Process

With advancements in today’s world, digital technology has the ability to use both dictation and typing to improve the collaboration process and maximize accuracy. While using the proper input device, you’re given the simplicity of integrating the most elaborate thoughts for easy and efficient workflow.


Benefits of Going Digital:

  • Reducing document turnaround times and improving client service
  • Encourage work sharing and improve secretarial utilization
  • Improve attorney to secretary ratios
  • Integrate with case, document, and practice management systems
  • Low maintenance due to few moving parts
  • High quality recording
  • Attorneys can work from anywhere
  • No more expensive than traditional analogue tape based recorders
  • Ability to play back in remote locations with little or no depletion in sound quality
  • Seamless interface to voice recognition software