Ohio Judicial Technology

Advance Your Digital Court Recording and Be Eligible for the Ohio Judicial Technology Grant

Courts must apply before March 15 to be eligible

VIQ Solutions offers a complete range of digital court recording solutions that allow courts to significantly reduce their cost per case. With  multi-channel audio and video capabilities, synchronized text or multimedia log notes, confidence monitoring, case management integration and integrated playback and transcription capabilities, VIQ's easy to use digital court recording solutions can streamline your workflow and create an easy to use, accurate and secure record of all your proceedings.

And now, thanks to the Ohio Judicial Technology Grant, VIQ's leading edge software is more accessible than ever. The VIQ digital recording platform meets the technology requirements laid out by the Ohio Courts Technology Initiative:

Positively impact the administration of justice

  • VIQ Solutions provides a secure, instantly accessible, complete case record:  multi-channel, high-quality audio/video recording of proceedings, synchronized text or multimedia (photos, emails, scanned documents, PDFs, file logs, spreadsheets, etc.) log notes, and case data such case number, participant names, dates/time of proceedings, disposition of cases, etc. VIQ treats all this information as a single file, ensuring that all the important data stays together as part of the complete record.
  • VIQ’s database makes it easy to manage the incredible amount of data captured by the courts. Users can easily search previous recordings on a range of criteria, including judge name, full or partial case number, date/time, even log note text, instead of manually searching through folders.
  • VIQ Solutions offers an integrated, efficient process of producing court transcripts, creating a complete end-to-end capture and transcription workflow that is secure yet easily accessed by those who need it.

Impact a large portion of the court’s case volume

  • VIQ Solutions products are designed for use in large, active and geographically dispersed court systems.  The use of trusted relational databases such as Microsoft SQL greatly facilitates the storage, security and distribution of large amounts of data (recordings, case numbers, etc.). VIQ software is in use all over the world in local, state and national courts spanning hundreds of courtrooms over vast landscapes, handling hundreds of thousands of cases a day.

  • As mentioned above, VIQ’s database makes it easy to search and locate previously recorded files, no matter how large or small an installation.

Improve operational efficiencies

  • VIQ Solutions products have been designed to apply the use of digital technology to make the capturing of the court record far more efficient than traditional methods:

   - Capturing the record digitally eliminates the need to rely on expensive (and dwindling in numbers) court reporters

   - The use of networkable workstations means all of the data resides in one central location that is easily and quickly accessible to all authorized parties

  • VIQ can integrate with the court’s existing third-party case management system like for one-click, customized recording with no data re-entry required. The VIQ software safely imports information like case number, presiding judge, participants, scheduled date/time and more to create a case list that can be started with a single click.

Increase court transparency

  • VIQ Solutions products allow quick and easy export of recordings to any interested and authorized party in non-proprietary formats

  • The VIQ secure web portal can be used by interested, authorized parties to access court proceedings. Access to these proceedings is completely managed and administered by designated court personnel.

Provide new services to the public and improve current services to the public

  • VIQ Solutions secure, customizable web portal can be integrated with the court system’s (or any other agency) website so that the citizenry can gain access to audio and video of court proceedings that are of a public interest. Again, court administrators have complete control over what is available through the web portal.

Demonstrated financial need

  • The VIQ system can be used “centrally” (meaning monitored and controlled from a location other than the courtroom).  This has the following cost advantages:

   - Reduced training costs (system operators can be trained in only a few hours; stenographers take years for their basic training and becoming suitably proficient takes even longer)

   - One court monitor can cover more than one courtroom at a time

   - Reduced space requirements in expensive-to-build courtrooms