Public Safety


Roach Reid Office Systems offers a solution for your public safety interview needs. Our solution is designed by the law enforcement professionals to create easy use and features that are necessary. With this advancement, you are given the ability to use your files for court review to ensure accountability for officers and detectives in the court setting.


“Recording interrogations protects the accused against police misconduct, protects law enforcement against false allegations and protects public safety by ensuring a verbatim record of the interrogation process and any statements” - Jerry J. Cox - President of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.


Our solution reduces number of notions filed to suppress a confession. In turn, brings more guilty pleas, while raising efficiency by reduces costs and time spent.


Why Utilize Digital Interview Recording?

  • Scalable
  • Video is an option
  • Superior serviceability of analog recorders
  • Easy search ability
  • Superior Audio quality over any other option
  • Easy distribution of recordings